Which is more energy efficient shingles or metal roof?

Which is more energy efficient shingles or metal roof?

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What is the best material for roofing?

When deciding on a roof installation for your new or refurbished home, getting the right material can be a challenging endeavor. Just like with any other improvement in or on your home, the chosen material is one of the largest factors in the decision. Particularly in roofing, there are facets to the decisions such as:

  • Lifespan
  • Resistance to weather and impact
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Upfront cost
  • Repairs cost

While there are a multitude of roofing materials a person can take advantage to give their home an edge, there are two kinds of roofs that rise above the rest in Colorado Springs, CO and the greater American market. Asphalt shingles and metal roofs have proven themselves to be the most popular for various reasons. One of the reasons being is that both offer the homeowner is granted a highly resistant and energy efficient roof with either choice. The question, however, comes in of how effective they want those and other advantages to be. Both materials are obviously different in and come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages to boot. When living in this area, most homeowners look for a resistant and energy efficient roof that they can depend on. In that case a metal roof cannot be beat. When you need an excellent roof installation, don’t settle for average and call the best. Reynolds Roofing Systems can install your roof with ease, just call (719) 368-7654 today to set up an appointment.

What is the Longest Lasting Roof?

To answer the question directly, the absolute longest lasting roofs are a toss up between clay, concrete, and slate roofs. Unfortunately, all three depend on the natural weather pattern in the area they are built to be sustained for that long. With the weather in Colorado Springs, CO, the most practical options are metal and asphalt shingles. The respective age of both roll in with metal lasting between fifty to eighty years while asphalt shingles will only get you around thirty years with some care as well as if they are architectural. 

This is due to the composition of each material that is designed partially to be absolutely tough against the weather. Asphalt shingles are oil based, if there is no physical damage throughout its lifespan then it still degrades at an extremely slow rate in the sunlight. Metal roofing, on the other hand, is made of a mix of metals including steel and can be coated. Even with physical damage, a metal roof can be repaired and last an extended period of time that outlasts most other options. In terms of an energy efficient roof, the superior option reveals itself in metal roofing when only considering the benefits.

What are the pros and cons of a metal roof?

While there are multiple advantages to metal roofing that makes it an energy efficient roof, there are also disadvantages. With the durability and long lifespan there comes a heavy upfront cost to install the roof. Aside from that, when installed incorrectly the roof can be noisy and bother neighbors. Another unfortunate fact of metal roofs is the specific size they need to be for your roof. The properties of the material restrict it from expanding and contracting when applying it. When installed correctly, however, the advantages overtime overrule the original upfront cost by saving the owner money in the long run. Metal roofing as a whole is designed to be relatively low maintenance while not being difficult to maintain. The actual misconception that a metal roof is loud can be fixed when being installed correctly. Furthermore, modern metal roofs do not make the interior of the home hot. The metal roof is applied in a way that the heat dissipates through the entirety of the structure, is designed to reflect sunlight and the brunt of the energy coming to it.

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How can I Make my Roof More Energy Efficient?

Whether you have a metal or asphalt roof, you have a multitude of ways that you can get an energy efficient roof. One method of doing so is to decide on or change the color of your roof to a lighter color. Home and business owners can expect a significant temperature change on the interior of your structure when coloring your roof to a lighter color. The reason it causes further efficiency inside your home is that the change takes some strain off of your HVAC system. 

In the colder months, improving the insulation in your roof can help stymie the cold and keep in the warm. The reason being is that insulation curbs the natural cold and heat cycle that occur on surfaces in a structure. On top of improving your HVAC system that goes into and through your roof, those three suggestions can deeply improve the efficiency of your roof thereby saving you money on your electric bills. 

When you need a roofer in Colorado Springs, CO, trust Reynolds Roofing Systems to improve or install a roof. We know how to get the most out of the materials at our disposal and get you an energy efficient roof while advising you on how to save at every corner of the process as well as after it is installed. Call (719) 368-7654 today to schedule an appointment.