How Do You Maintain a Roof?

How Do You Maintain a Roof?

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Basic Info. On Roof Maintenance

Your roof is a system that is directly above you and essentially houses you away from the impacts of weather and temperature changes. In order to enjoy their protection, it should be updated whenever it becomes impacted by outside influences. Roof maintenance is the way to go when you want to keep your roof living a long life with minimal repairs and changes. With roof maintenance, you can guide your roofing membrane to live it’s expected life span without premature wear and replacements. Whenever you’d like assistance with roof maintenance get into contact with a commercial or residential roofer for more information.

Why is roof important for a house?

A roof will protect your home’s interior from outside weather such as with high winds, hail, rain, cold and heat. If these elements were to infiltrate your home you can expect subsequent damages to your valuables as well as to the occupants inside. 

What is roof maintenance?

Roof maintenance can involve any measures taken with your roof be it with inspections, repairs, cleaning and more which will extend your roof life and keep it healthy.

How often should your roof be maintained?

Depending on your roofing materials you may need frequent or more evenly spaced roof maintenance at periods of time. As of such your roof should be inspected by a professional roofer at least once annually. When damages to other parts of your property occur it may be a good idea to have one done just in case as well as often times damages can spread.

Why roof maintenance is important?

Your roof can undergo many changes throughout the seasons that are undetected by the average Joe. A thorough inspection with roof maintenance can assist in catching minor repairs at their beginning stages before they escalate to full-blown replacements.

Should I get my roof inspected?

A great way to up your game with roof maintenance is to have a roof inspection done with your home or business. These are usually recommended as once a year yet if you would like to add preventative measures have them done twice a year. What are usually incorporated into these checks are 

What does roof maintenance include?

Roof maintenance can include as in-depth or general a job as desired yet typically there is a checklist that professionals will abide by in order to provide comprehensive insight as to the condition of your roofing system. The main areas of concern for a roofing system are with water, sun, hail, and wind damages. With water damages you can have water seep underneath loosened roofing materials, cracks, punctures or any other opening to become either absorbed from roofing underlayment or beams or otherwise form a leak. With absorption, you can see the formation of moss, mildew, and rot which can greatly weaken roofing materials and structural supports. With sun damages you’ll have materials becoming more susceptible to premature age as UV light can fade the color and degrade the material of roofs. As far as hail roofing materials can crack, dent or break off. With wind, you’ll start to see materials blow off or otherwise become aggravated at 59 mph.

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Ways to Maintain a Roof

Roof Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  • Twice A Year Roof Inspections
  • Watch For Trouble Spots
  • Clear Debris or Contaminants
  • Keep Access Doors & Hatches Locked
  • Inspect Siding, Gutters & Downspouts
  • Check Vents, Chimney & Eaves
  • Inspect Soffit, Fascia & Siding

How much does roof maintenance cost?

Roof maintenance prices will vary dependent on the type of roof you have, the size, and the extent of repairs, replacements or cleaning services you’ll be getting done on your roof. A good idea to keep in mind are that small repair work for roofs typically cost between $200-$500, moderate form $500-$1000 and extensive from $1,000-$3,000. 

How can I protect my roof?

Your roof can be updated by upgrading them to more durable roofing materials that have been formulated to pick up where past roofing materials fall short. Take for instance impact resistant shingles, these shingles are scientifically experimented on to withstand as thick as 2-inch steel balls and wind speeds as high as 110mph! With metal roofing, you can expect to have materials that connect together with mechanical or snap locks which have a large hand in preventing water infiltration. 

Contact A Professional

When you’d like to know more about providing protection to your roof be sure to contact a professional roofer. Just like with plumbers specializing in plumbing repair a professional roofer will be able to assist you with various roofing systems. Roofing materials can range and react differently as per the age of a roof and region where the property is located. With an expert roofer, you’ll have expert eyes that will be able to gauge the characteristics of your roofing materials for the best roof maintenance service for your property.

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